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Ensuring Every Wag and Purr is Safe and Sound

Discover the ultimate pet tag, backed by a lifetime warranty for unparalleled peace of mind. It’s the only pet tag you’ll ever need.

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Our Mission: Empowering Pet Owners

Boost pet safety and well-being with PetSafe HQ. Our tools and community focus on enhancing pet-family bonds. We ensure pets thrive, giving owners peace of mind.

Revolutionising Pet Safety: Advanced QR Code Tags

PetSafe HQ transforms pet care with innovative QR code tags. Instantly access vital pet info for a comprehensive safety net. Join us for advanced, compassionate pet care.

Building a Community of Caring Pet Guardians

Together, We're a Pet-Saving Force

Beyond pet tags, PetSafe HQ nurtures a community of pet lovers. Engage, share tips, and celebrate pet ownership with us. Our platform is a vibrant hub for learning and joyous pet parenting.

“Discovering PetSafe HQ gave me true peace of mind. When Max, my dog, slipped away, his PetSafe HQ QR code tag saved the day. A neighbor scanned it, and I got an instant alert. Thanks to PetSafe HQ, reuniting with Max was quick and stress-free. Their innovative pet safety approach is a game-changer.”

Personalised Pet Profiles: Reflecting Every Pet’s Unique Charm

Customise your pet’s unique identity with PetSafe HQ’s pet tags. Tailor profiles to reflect your furry friend’s character and needs. Our services are designed to let every pet’s personality shine.

Our Vision: Leading the Way in Global Pet Safety

Join PetSafe HQ in creating a safer world with our top-tier pet tags. We’re setting global benchmarks in pet safety and care, ensuring every pet enjoys unparalleled safety and affection.

Connect With Us,
We're Here for You and Your Furry Friends!

Have questions or need support? Our dedicated team is always here to help. Reach out to us for any inquiries about our products, or just to share your wonderful pet stories. We’re more than a service; we’re your partner in pet care.