PetSafe Pet Tag 35mm (Silver Circle)


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Ensure the safety of your beloved pet with our PetSafe Pet Tags. Measuring a practical 35mm, this tag is a perfect blend of functionality and elegance, suitable for pets of larger sizes. Its universal design and striking silver color make it an ideal accessory for any pet collar, offering peace of mind for pet owners.


Key Features:

  • Universal Fit: The 35mm size of this pet tag is ideally suited for larger animals, from big dog breeds to other sizable pets. Its dimensions ensure that it is clearly visible without being cumbersome, making it a perfect fit for your larger companion’s collar.
  • Durable Material: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this pet tag is resistant to daily wear and tear. It maintains its shine and readability over time, ensuring lasting functionality and style.
  • Customisable Engraving Space: The tag provides ample space for essential details such as your pet’s name, your contact information, or even a medical alert. The engraving is clear and legible, making it easy for anyone who finds your lost pet to contact you.
  • Elegant Silver Finish: The classic silver finish of the tag adds a touch of sophistication to your pet’s collar. It’s a stylish accessory that complements any pet’s appearance.
  • Secure and Easy Attachment: Designed for easy attachment to any collar, this pet tag ensures that your pet’s identification is always in place, providing you with continuous peace of mind.
  • Enhanced Safety for Pets: With your contact information readily available on the tag, you can feel more secure about your pet’s safety, increasing the chances of a quick reunion if they wander off.


Our PetSafe Pet Tags are an essential accessory for any pet. It combines safety, style, and durability, offering a universal solution for pet identification. This tag not only serves as a safeguard for your pet but also as a fashionable addition to their collar. Equip your pet with this elegant and practical tag and enjoy added security and peace of mind.

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