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PetSafe HQ Referral Program Policy

This Referral Program Policy was last updated on 20/01/2024.



Welcome to the PetSafe HQ Referral Program! We value our community and encourage you to invite others to join our platform. This policy outlines the guidelines for participating in our referral program.



  • Participation is open to all registered PetSafe HQ users.
  • You must be in good standing with our platform to participate.


How to Refer

  • Share your unique referral link provided by PetSafe HQ with friends, family, or through social networks.
  • There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.
  • Accounts must be created before purchasing a product in order to use a referral link.


Referral Rewards

You will be rewarded with points for each successful referral, as follows:

  • Points for each individual who signs up using your referral link and verifies their identity.
  • Additional points when a referred individual activates a PetSafe Pet Tag.
  • Further points when a referred individual subscribes to a subscription plan for the first time.


Crediting Points

  • Points will be credited to your account automatically upon the successful completion of each referral action as per the criteria outlined above.
  • Points awarded for each action will be clearly communicated on the PetSafe HQ platform.


Referral Tracking

  • PetSafe HQ tracks referrals using unique referral links. It is important to ensure that your referrals use your specific link to sign up.
  • We cannot credit points for referrals that are not accurately tracked.


Prohibited Activities

  • Referral links must not be shared through unsolicited emails or spam messages.
  • Participants should not engage in any deceptive or misleading practices that may be considered as spamming.
  • Creating multiple accounts to self-refer is strictly prohibited.


Termination and Changes

  • PetSafe HQ reserves the right to terminate or change the referral program or a user’s ability to participate in it at any time, for any reason, without notice.
  • Changes to the policy will be communicated to participants via the platform or email.


Privacy and Data Use

  • Participation in the referral program is subject to our Privacy Policy.
  • Personal information of the referred individuals will be handled in accordance with our privacy practices.


Limitations of Liability

PetSafe HQ makes every effort to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our services. However, are not liable for any inaccuracies or lapses in the services provided.


Contact and Support

For any questions or assistance regarding the PetSafe HQ Referral Program, please contact us at



By participating in the PetSafe HQ Referral Program, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update this policy at any time, and continued participation in the program signifies acceptance of any such changes.